About Us

King & Bay West

King & Bay West is a management services company which takes a holistic approach to working with client companies, emphasizing the direct link between the end product, company management, the Board of Directors and, ultimately, the shareholder. This approach enables King & Bay West to offer both high-level strategic guidance and capital raising services, as well as “on the ground” operational support. King & Bay West’s holistic approach is firmly rooted in its belief that intelligently advancing the product or asset of the client companies is the best basis for building long-term shareholder value.

The fully integrated nature of King & Bay West affords it the opportunity to provide financial, legal and administrative services dynamically tailored to suit the specific needs of each client. To support and enhance these efforts, King & Bay West has made a significant investment in an ERP system that allows for the timely distribution of information throughout the group in order to provide robust data for key decisions, meet important deadlines and facilitate timely business unit oversight for improved cost control.

The full range of services that King & Bay West provides is substantial, but perhaps the most significant advantage lives in how our management services agreement can positively impact the bottom line by aiding group companies in reducing overhead costs. Our structure helps convert the fixed nature of overhead into a variable component based on company activity. King & Bay West works on a strict “pay for what you actually use” basis, with no retainers or fixed fees.